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Embodied Breathwork in Ubud

Our Embodied Breathwork sessions help you connect to the
deepest parts of yourself in a supported and safe environment.​


We combine Conscious-Connected Breathwork with bodywork
and energy healing to facilitate  profound healing and personal transformation. 

With over 600 satisfied clients and counting, we´re committed to the
values of safety, integrity and quality service.


We look forward to hearing from you, and providing you the
support you need to breathe a little easier, each day.

  • What happens in a session?
    First off, we get to know your intention for coming into the session. Everybody is different; everyone’s life experiences are different, and therefore we all have different reasons for exploring practices such as breathwork. Whether it’s curiosity, letting go of stress and tension, healing past emotional wounds and trauma, or connecting deeper to our bodies, your intention will guide the direction of the session. From thereon, we explain the journey, the technique and what to expect as a breather. Again, everybody’s experience will vary, and each journey can be completely different, so we establish a level of safety and support to allow curiosity to guide the way. The journey itself lasts from 70-80 minutes and is broken into an ‘active’ breathing part, and a ‘passive’ relaxation part to balance and harmonize the nervous system and integrate the experience. We utilize bodywork and energy work to release stored tension, stuck emotions and re-establish natural breathing patterns and rhythms. Touch is always optional throughout our time together. We will then have a debrief to discuss your journey, answer any questions you may have, and any recommendations and home exercises based on your unique breathing pattern.
  • What is Breathwork?
    Breathwork is a powerful somatic method that has many benefits (see our blog to explore these further). Much like meditation, many people will provide you varying definitions of breathwork based upon their own experiences. For us, we merge science and spirituality to deliver breathwork in a therapeutic model. It is well established in the scientific community that breathing patterns affect our physiological, mental and emotional state, and vice versa. Thus, we can use the breath as a portal into our subconscious mind and our body, revealing any stress, tension and trauma withheld and trapped by our conscious mind. Through subtle changes to our breathing pattern in an induced meditative state, and a combination of body work, we can have a profound effect upon our nervous system, creating lasting change well beyond the session. Breathwork is a transformative tool that can facilitate dropping away from our busy minds, invite the wisdom of your body’s own healing potential to come through.
  • How do I prepare for a session?
    No preparation is required. Please: Wear loose and comfortable clothing to facilitate movement We sometimes facilitate legs, please wer appropriate leggings or pants Remove jewellery, particularly necklaces Avoid heavy exercise, heavy meals and high caffeine intake Bring a water bottle for hydration and a notepad for anything you’d like to capture after your journey
  • What expectations should I have for my session?
    Every journey is different, and whilst we may have an idea or certain expectations in mind, it’s best to let go of the final outcome. With any somatic therapies, we aim to let go of the mind and enter the wisdom of the body. Sometimes, our minds get in the way of what the body needs to do. When we let go of control and expectations, we allow allow the body to do what it needs to do. We invite you to come with an intention to share, whilst keeping an open heart and mind to the possibilities awaiting beyond the mind.
  • Are there any contraindications?
    If you have any medical conditions, recent surgeries or internal injuries and/or currently taking medication, please consult your doctor or medical professional prior to practicing breathwork. Breathwork can result in strong physiological changes including endocrinal changes, and include emotional release, therefore, contraindications of breathwork include: Recent severe physical injuries or surgeries Recent illicit drug use, particularly stimulants and psychoactive substances Severe cardiovascular diseases including angina or history of heart disease High blood pressure, including history or risk of strokes History or risk of seizures, including epilepsy Glandular disorders such as diabetes, thyroid and/or kidney issues Eye conditions such as glaucoma, retinal surgeries or injuries (including recent laser eye surgery) Severe mental disorders including bipolar disorder and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Major medications including blood thinning medicine, Lung injury or diseases/disorders. Persons with Asthma should bring their inhalers Pregnancy from mid-second trimester—pregnant women are advised against breathwork without first consulting and getting approval from their primary care physician Whilst every journey is catered to your individual needs, we recommend if you have any concerns or contraindications above, please contact your doctor or medical professional for advice.
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